Theater Showcase (5 of 5): Finishing Touches & Performance

Lesson Title: Theater Showcase (5 of 5): Finishing Touches & Performance
Academic Standards: TH:Cr1.1.HSIIIa,TH:Cr3.1.HSIIIb,TH:Pr4.1.HSIIIb, TH:Pr5.1.HSIIIa, TH:Re8.1.HSIIIa, TH:Cn11.2.HSIIIa
Content Creator: Mr. Michael Dzbenski
Level: High School
Duration: 25-35 min
  /  Theater Showcase (5 of 5): Finishing Touches & Performance


  • Students will take an open script and create a performance scene from beginning to end.
  • Students will take on director roles and solidify characterization, stage design, and blocking.
  • Students will explore and utilize setting, scenery, and prop options for their scene.


This lesson will allow students to focus on the idea of a full performance and implement many of the elements that go in to a full production of an open scene.


  1. Course Objectives
  2. Warm-Up
    1. Shakes
    2. Improvisation
    3. Review of Theater Basics
      1. Stage Direction
      2. "Cheating out"
      3. Projecting your voice
      4. Act to the back
  3. The Open Script
    1. Developing your Character from Scratch
    2. Making Bold Decisions
    3. Deciding the Details
    4. Your Prop
  4. Setting
    1. Where are you (at this moment in time)?
    2. "Telling" Elements
      1. Helping the Audience Understand
    3. Mood and Color
  5. Rehearsal
  6. Performance
  7. Debrief

Demonstratives & Media

Classroom Space
Curation Museum
Virtual Field Trips & Lab Demonstrations
Instructional Videos
3D objects

Suggested Ancillary Support

  • Open Script Reading
    • What details are present?
    • What is the obvious scene?
    • What is the most obscure?
  • Who is your character?
    • What traits can you "show"?
    • What details do you keep hidden?
  • What happened?
    • Right before the scene
    • Any memories that this scene would trigger?
    • Why do you react a certain way?
  • Your Prop
    • Carrying "something" can make acting more natural
    • Why do you have it?
    • What's its purpose?
      • Regular Use
      • Your "use"?
    • Where did it come from?
    • Does it have special meaning?
  • The setting
    • Time period
    • Mood
    • What is happening outside?
    • If you could only have one thing on the stage to help the audience, what would it be?
    • How does color effect your scene?
      • Black and White
      • Bright Colors
      • Pastels
      • Dark Greys, Browns, and Black
      • Earth tones
  • Bring your scene to LIFE!


Scene Shop 360 Video -
The Feeling of Blue 360 Video -
Pink -
Yellow -
Green -