Theater Showcase (3 of 5): Partner Work & Duet Development

Lesson Title: Theater Showcase (3 of 5): Partner Work & Duet Development
Academic Standards: TH:Cr1.1.HSIIIa,TH:Cr3.1.HSIIIb,TH:Pr4.1.HSIIIb, TH:Pr5.1.HSIIIa, TH:Re8.1.HSIIIa, TH:Cn11.2.HSIIIa
Content Creator: Mr. Michael Dzbenski
Level: High School
Duration: 25-35 min
  /  Theater Showcase (3 of 5): Partner Work & Duet Development


  • Students will work with a partner to develop body language and movement to convey meaning and communicate ideas
  • Students will build scenes with their partner using endowing scene starters, opening lines, and brainstorming possible scenarios
  • Students will explore, build, and perform characterizations through the use of open scripts


This lesson will allow students to focus on partner work, developing communication, building scenes, and exploring characterization ideas.


  1. Review Class Objectives
  2. Mime
    1. Definition
    2. Physical Warm-Up (Shakes)
    3. Emotion Game
    4. Gestures/Miming Lines
    5. Magic Box Mime Game
    6. Feedback
  3. Miming: Attention to Details
    1. Ball Pass
    2. Precise Movement Game
    3. The Great Pie Fight (Slow Motion)
  4. Endowment
    1. Endowing Scene Starters
    2. Opening Lines
    3. Space Jump Game
  5. Partner Work
    1. Explore Possible Scenarios
    2. 2 ways - Same Script
    3. Open Script Performances
  6. Debrief

Demonstratives & Media

Virtual Field Trips & Lab Demonstrations
Instructional Videos
3D objects

Suggested Ancillary Support


  • Mimes
    • Definition - The theatrical technique of expressing an idea or mood or portraying a character entirely by gesture or bodily movement without the use of words.
    • Famous Mimes
      • Marcel Marceau
      • Charlie Chaplin
      • Buster Keaton
    • Miming in Movies
  • Reflection
    • Real-life vs. VR
    • Partner Evaluations
    • Details - What is important to see?
  • Endowing
    • Revisit improvisation
    • Offer and Accept
    • Building Scenes by adding details
  • Space Jump Game
    • Look at physicality
    • What "could" it be?
  • Characterization
    • Open Script - Can be "any" scenario
    • What physicality will you add?
    • Changing the meaning
    • Refinement


360 Mime Video -
Will need to set up cards for certain games in VR - Notes maybe?
Presentation Link -
Marcel Marceau Link -