STEAM Literacy & XR Tech (5 of 5): Math

Lesson Title: STEAM Literacy & XR Tech (5 of 5): Math
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Mr. Alex Fernandez
Level: High School
Duration: 45-55 min
  /  STEAM Literacy & XR Tech (5 of 5): Math



  • Modifying objects with Math - Scale, Color
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Fractals and symmetry
  • Hands on Activity 
  • Euclidean Geometry - 3D shapes 
  • Game based Learning - World Creations and Math in VR
  • Field Trip - Data Visualization and Math of VR 
  • XR Math Apps
  • Capturing Spherical images and video
  • College VR/AR Certificate programs


In this lesson we will explore how Math is critical to many disciplines of study and is constantly evolving. Artificial physics, hand tracking, eye tracking, and so many other applications of complex and applied mathematics. We will touch on how math affects design, colors, and data visualization. We will build wild objects in the Math Lab and see some 3D world creation tools and games are helping youth learn and apply math. We will learn about the Math behind VR and equirectangular projection. At the end we will highlight a college offering full certificate programs in VR/AR.


  1. Review Math concepts (Move, Modify, Color, Code, etc…)
  2. Discussion about fractals and symmetry
  3. Hands on building activity trying to manually recreate symmetry
  4. Learn about GBL and World creation in schools today
  5. Field trip 
  6. XR Math application review
  7. Capturing images and video for VR

Demonstratives & Media

Classroom Space
Math Classroom
Virtual Field Trips & Lab Demonstrations
Instructional Videos
3D objects