STEAM Literacy & XR Tech (4 of 5): Art

Lesson Title: STEAM Literacy & XR Tech (4 of 5): Art
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Mr. Alex Fernandez
Level: High School
Duration: 40-50 min
  /  STEAM Literacy & XR Tech (4 of 5): Art


  • Drawing objects in the art studio.
  • Art, Creativity, and Inspiration 
  • Phases of Curiosity
  • Organic Design
  • Scaffolding and Snap Grid
  • Polygonal Design
  • VR pens and other 3D interfaces


In this lesson we will explore how Art is influenced by emerging technology and introducing a wide variety of new career paths for creatives. We will discuss the phases of curiosity that lead us to action and in some cases Art. Diving into some different forms of organic design while seeing some of the latest tech being used to create in 3D space. We will draw and create in the Victory XR Art Lab and learn about how scaffolding and grid snap apply in 3D design. A brief exploration into Block and polygonal design and some multiplayer design, development, and production tools will conclude the lesson.


  1. Activity - Draw in the VictoryXR Art Studio trying to recreate some models in the room.

  2. Discussion about creativity and inspiration: where it comes from and how.

  3. We will cover a few good skills to have in any creative profession.

  4. What are the Phases of Curiosity?

  5. Learn about Organic Design and how it applies in VR.

  6. Learn about Scaffolding and Snap Grids in VR.

  7. Learn about Block and Polygonal Design.

  8. Learn about Multiplayer creation tools in VR.

  9. Looping back to inspiration and the creative Spark “Why NOT Create”.

Demonstratives & Media

Virtual Field Trips & Lab Demonstrations
Instructional Videos
3D objects

Suggested Ancillary Support