STEAM Literacy & XR Tech (1 of 5): Building Skeletons In 3D

Lesson Title: STEAM Literacy & XR Tech (1 of 5): Building Skeletons In 3D
Academic Standards: 3A-IC-27, 3B-DA-07, 3B-IC-27
Content Creator: Mr. Alex Fernandez
Level: High School
Duration: 35-45 min
  /  STEAM Literacy & XR Tech (1 of 5): Building Skeletons In 3D


  • 3D design skills (perspective, zoom, move, rotate, and scale)
  • How many ( __ogy) and ( __omy) terms can we put on the wall?
  • Sticky Note exercise
  • Building a skeleton in 3D
  • 1st Steps to Digital STEAM portfolio using Google sites


In this lesson we will explore the use of 3D design tools and discuss how the many forms of science have been impacted. We will manipulate 3D objects; for some we may create a skeleton using TinkerCAD a FREE web-based CAD tool. We will discuss the vast list of terms ending in -ology and begin creating a digital portfolio for any content created during the STEAM and XR Tech sessions.


  1. Introduction and Objectives
  2. We will review the difference between STEM and STEAM.
  3. We will participate in a hands on activity creating Sticky notes to list all of the science terms ending in (ology) we can come up with in 3 minutes.
  4. Why skills like these are best to have. Terminology (Transferrable, Cross Functional, Interdisciplinary)
  5. Spatial Awareness terminology and demo (Perspective, Zoom, Scale)
  6. Manipulating pre-made 3D objects through skeleton assembly on one or more platforms.
  7. Review and discuss key XR terms.
  8. Extended project - Build a Digital Portfolio Website to showcase your 3D creations for FREE.

Demonstratives & Media

Classroom Space
Science Lab
Virtual Field Trips & Lab Demonstrations
Instructional Videos

Suggested Ancillary Support


Skeleton assembly
Deck to be used in session1 Science -
XYZ Axis
Gizmo tool (Move, Rotate, Scale)
Skeleton parts - as many as possible
Have short a 3 ? form at the end