SAT Math Test Prep (2 of 4): Pharaohs and Formulas

Lesson Title: SAT Math Test Prep (2 of 4): Pharaohs and Formulas
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Mr. Ryan McLaughlin
Level: High School
Duration: 35-45 min
  /  SAT Math Test Prep (2 of 4): Pharaohs and Formulas


  • Students will review 3D Geometry topics covered on the SAT Mathematics sections
  • SWBAT use simple formulas and unit conversions that are covered on the SAT Mathematics sections
  • SWBAT use the problem solving strategies of identifying variables and checking their work
  • SWBAT use the study strategy of creating flashcards


Formulas and unit conversions are often a topic that students initially feel very comfortable with…but then the SAT Math Section asks questions about them in unusual and confusing ways! We will get to the bottom of this by taking a closer look at what the questions are really asking. We’ll start with a visit to the Museum’s Ancient Egypt room, where we’ll visualize an official SAT practice problem dealing with Egyptian units of measurement. We’ll also dive into 3D Geometry, which will let us apply what we’ve learned about formulas and unit conversions in a way that deepen understanding and help us increase our scores!


1. We will begin by looking at SAT Practice Test 9, Section 4, Problem #2, which asks students to solve a problem given some measurements in ancient Egyptian units. 2. We will then go to the Museum's ancient Egypt room, where we will practice estimating the height, width, and length of objects using the ancient Egyptian measurement units that have just been introduced. 3.We will then return to the math classroom, where we will complete the previously introduced problem. Students will then be given a 5-10 minute powerpoint about using formulas and conversions on the SAT, which will be mixed in with some practice problems for them to complete. They will then transition to using formulas in 3D geometry problems, with the first shape of course being a pyramid! We will go over 3D shapes and their formulas, stopping to look at each 3D asset available in the math classroom and talking about their dimensions, surfaces, etc. We will then go over which formulas can be found at the front of the SAT Mathematics sections, and which ones need to be memorized. 4.Finally, as a study strategy, students will be shown how to make an effective flash card for mathematics study. As suggested homework, they will be given a list of formulas and facts they might consider making flash cards of.

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