SAT Math Test Prep (1 of 4): Stars & Stats

Lesson Title: SAT Math Test Prep (1 of 4): Stars & Stats
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Mr. Ryan McLaughlin
Level: High School
Duration: 35-45 min
  /  SAT Math Test Prep (1 of 4): Stars & Stats



  • SWBAT carefully analyze SAT Math word problems by identifying the "real question" and underlying important details
  • SWBAT analyze scatter plots, lines of best fit, bar graphs, and other data representations to answer correctly identify the answer to SAT Math problems
  • SWBAT connect their College Board accounts to the Khan Academy website in order to gain access to an individualized practice plan


We will begin our review of SAT Math with Data Analysis–a very important content area for the SAT, but one which many students haven’t had enough experience with! We’ll visit the planetarium to help us visualize one of the official SAT practice problems we’ll start with, and then we’ll set to work on gaining a deep understanding of scatter plots, lines of best fit, random sampling, and more!


  1. The lesson will begin with SAT Practice Test #7, Section 4, Problem #s 7-8, which deal with a scatter plot, a line of best fit, and a chart, which all describe the density of planets as correlated with their distance from the Sun.
  2. After reading the problem, the class will go up to the planetarium to observe planets in orbit around the sun, and we will discuss the contrast between what the question is actually asking for--ie, density--as opposed to size. We will stress the need to be very careful to read the questions in the SAT Math section carefully! We will go over the careful reading strategy of underlining important information and defining the question.
  3. The class will then return to the math classroom and complete the problem. Next, they will be given an approximately 15-20 min powerpoint presentation on the different topics under the Data Analysis heading in the portion of the SAT Mathematics sections. Afterwards, they will be asked to complete five practice problems taken from official practice SAT tests, and we will go over the answers in class.
  4. Finally, we will end with a study strategy: we will go over how to connect a College Board account with the Khan Academy website in order to get an individualized practice plan. For suggested homework, students will be encouraged to connect their College Board account to the Khan Academy if they already have one and complete some practice problems.

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