Renewable Energy: Wind Power

Lesson Title: Renewable Energy: Wind Power
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Dr. Michael Mehta
Level: High School
Duration: 50-60 min
  /  Renewable Energy: Wind Power


  • Introduce history of wind power.
  • Review how wind works and how it applies to the generation of electricity.
  • Overview of wind blade types, wind turbine parts, and power characteristics.
  • Examine main obstacles including concerns about bird and bat mortality, noise and vibration, and aesthetics.
  • Focus on off-shore wind farms and their advantages.


This class will introduce students to wind power by providing an overview of how wind generators work. We will examine a wide range of issues associated with wind power, and spend time at an off-shore wind power project.


  1. Start in Sandy Beach Environment (Engage)
  2. PPT on history of wind, explanation of wind, wind and power production, capacity factors.
  3. Types of turbines
  4. Class exercise - place turbines on land and wire to transformers with 3D pen.
  5. PPT - solidity explanation and measuring wind
  6. Show how Renewables Ninja works to assess wind power potential at any location (clickable global map resource)
  7. Discuss offshore from PPT
  8. Issues - birds etc
  9. Class exercise - run cable to offshore turbine to transformer with 3D pen
  10. Place marine organisms around base
  11. Enter 360 video environment to show construction of a wind farm in Jordan

Demonstratives & Media

Classroom Space
Virtual Field Trips & Lab Demonstrations
Instructional Videos
3D objects

Suggested Ancillary Support

Renewables Ninja - 3D video -