Renewable Energy: Solar Photovoltaics Part 2

Lesson Title: Renewable Energy: Solar Photovoltaics Part 2
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Dr. Michael Mehta
Level: High School
Duration: 50-60 min
  /  Renewable Energy: Solar Photovoltaics Part 2



  • To examine in-depth solar photovoltaic technology by explaining how it works,  installation, and energy output.
  • To demonstrate how to design your own residential, roof-top solar array.


Part 2 on solar photovoltaic technology is provided so that students can learn about this technology from the manufacturing of modules to installation. A demonstration of how to design a roof-mounted solar array is included using an online tool.


  1. Powerpoint (5 minutes) on units of measurement.
  2. Short Powerpoint presentation on parts involved in a solar array. Pass around models of modules Point to inverter.
  3. Optional - Group exercise using design tool found on web at on how to design a solar array. One example will be explored for everyone. Also show a  rooftop solar website for the City of Victoria (British Columbia).
  4. Teleport to rooftop (a flying helicopter will be over it to show location). Have students assemble a solar array. A pile of panels and inverters will be in a corner on the roof.
  5. Jump to virtual field trip to visit a YouTube 360 video of a solar farm. Discuss the solar farm and wrap up with Q&A at home environment.

Demonstratives & Media

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