Renewable Energy: Solar Photovoltaics Part 1

Lesson Title: Renewable Energy: Solar Photovoltaics Part 1
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Dr. Michael Mehta
Level: High School
Duration: 50-60 min
  /  Renewable Energy: Solar Photovoltaics Part 1


To introduce students to the concept of renewable energy and to explore examples of currently available technologies. To showcase different notable and unique solar projects around the world. To explore how solar cells work and how solar modules are manufactured.  


This class offers an introduction to renewable energy including its definition, potential, and range of currently available technologies. A detailed examination of solar photovoltaic technology is provided so that students can learn about this technology from the manufacturing of modules to installation. An optional demonstration of how to design a roof-mounted solar array is included using an online tool.


  1. Meet in "City at Day" environment at concession stand.
  2. Stand amid 3D Tesla model and discuss electric vehicles and a car charging station.
  3. Introduce self and support team from VictoryXR Academy and review ground rules (e.g., mic muting, use of tablet feature, moving around).
  4. Group moves over to stairs where a large screen is setup for a Powerpoint presentation (5 minutes) on definition of renewable energy and why solar pv is important? Seats set up. Q&A.
  5. Sticky point exercise on bulletin board - students asked to list examples of other renewable energy technologies. Discuss examples provided.
  6. Show 2D Youtube video on how solar cells work. Up to 2 minutes, 11 seconds part of the video.
  7. Show 2D Youtube video on module manufacturing techniques.

Demonstratives & Media

Virtual Field Trips & Lab Demonstrations
Instructional Videos
3D objects

Suggested Ancillary Support

Require the following 3D assets: solar module; EVs, EV charger. Powerpoint¬† 2D video on how they work [up to 2 minutes, 11 seconds] 2D video on how they are made