Renewable Energy: Energy Storage

Lesson Title: Renewable Energy: Energy Storage
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Dr. Michael Mehta
Level: High School
Duration: 50-60 min
  /  Renewable Energy: Energy Storage


  • To explain why energy storage is important for a complete transition to renewable energy.
  • To review a range of energy storage options including batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, pumped hydro, compressed air, flywheels, and a concept known as the energy vault.
  • To teach students how to wire batteries in series and parallel configurations.
  • To apply the knowledge and skills learned to-date in the course by having students create their own renewable energy-based house and to present this work to the group.


This class focuses on a range of available energy storage technologies. It builds a deeper understanding of how and why each application works. Students also build their own renewable energy-based house using available assets like solar modules, wind turbines, batteries, etc.


  1. Meet in Foot of Mount Fuji. Environment populated with houses, EVs, an EV charger, screen and presentation area, and a range of pieces of equipment to assemble (e.g. solar modules, wind turbines, batteries).
  2. Introduce with Powerpoint various ways of storing energy including batteries, pumped hydro, hydrogen fuel cells, flywheels, compressed air, and the energy vault concept.
  3. With batteries on a table, teach students how to wire them in series and parallel.
  4. Students use renewable energy technologies to create their own house. They then present the results to the class.

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