Public Speaking in a Multicultural World

Lesson Title: Public Speaking in a Multicultural World (4 of 5)
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Michael McDonald
Level: -- Select Education Level --
Duration: 25-35 min
  /  Public Speaking in a Multicultural World (4 of 5)


  • Improve listening skills.
  • Improve teamworking skills.
  • Improve feedback to peers skills.
  • Improve working under pressure skills.


In this lesson we will gather in an art studio to put your drawing and listening skills to the test, with some added pressure thrown in!


  1. Participants broken into pairs in the art room.
  2. One person in the pair stands in front of the art canvas, the other behind.  The one behind is given an image of geometric shapes and is required in 5 minutes to describe what they see to their partner who is unable to see the image.  The teacher takes notes about how the pairs interact with eachother.
  3. At the end of the activity, groups tour the various drawings created by each single person in the pair and discuss how best to give and receive instructions.  Teacher provides tips and feedback throughout.
  4. The final group activity involves everyone walking around a huge painting and annotating their perceptions of the people in the painting, writing with the 3D pen what they interpret from all the people's faces and body language in the painting.  Teacher facilitates the discussion and lesson wrap up.

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