Public Speaking in a Multicultural World

Lesson Title: Public Speaking in a Multicultural World (1 of 5)
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Michael McDonald
Level: High School
Duration: 25-35 min
  /  Public Speaking in a Multicultural World (1 of 5)


  • Introductions to the course, teacher and fellow participants.
  • Learn the basic functionalities of the VR platform in order to express yourself in the best possible way throughout the course.
  • Take your first steps into what exactly communication is and isn't, and how to connect that to your everyday life.


Introductions and First Steps into Effective Communication

This first lesson of the Public Speaking in a Multicultural World course will introduce you to your teacher, the course objectives and your fellow participants.

In this class we will take our first steps in harnessing the power of VR to focus our minds on what communication is, how we can influence others and how we are influenced ourselves. The lesson, reflective of the whole course, will be centered around an engaging mix of individual and group activities that will nudge you softly outside your comfort zone to ensure you develop yourself for your personal, professional and academic life.


0 - 10 minutes:  Introductions and course opening (Theatre in the Round) Move to Mount Fuji location. 10 - 15 minutes:  Learn how to use the 3D pen. 15 - 20 minutes:  5 minutes for all participants to explore individually the space and using the 3D pen, "graffiti" words which spring to their minds relating to what they are exploring.  For example they might write "crisp" to describe the fresh water running under the bridge, or "majestic" to describe Mount Fuji in the distance. 20 - 30 minutes:  we will explore as a group the tags left by people, and this will be the prompt to open up the conversation for another 5 minutes about the world in which everyone lives.  How similar or different is it to this location? 30 - 40 minutes:  break into small groups and get them to brainstorm on how each of the 3D body parts (which I will scatter around the space) reflect an aspect of communication.  There are 5 body parts, 2 mins per body part so 10 minutes in total for this activity - students will rotate every 2 minutes. 40 - 45 minutes:  gather together to discuss what they spoke about in their groups. 45 - 50 minutes:  closing remarks and introduction to the next lesson which will be "How to Communicate in the World of Work".

Demonstratives & Media

Suggested Ancillary Support

Charlie Chaplin, Introduction: