Public Speaking in a Multicultural World

Lesson Title: Professional Communication in a Multicultural World (2 of 5)
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Michael McDonald
Level: High School
Duration: 45-55 min
  /  Professional Communication in a Multicultural World (2 of 5)


  • Build a deeper awareness of different cultural approaches to the world of work.
  • Understand how to actively apply active and passive communication strategies in multicultural professional contexts to develop business relationships and achieve professional goals.


This lesson will raise your awareness of the wider world of business and the many shades of communication, both active and passive, that can be employed to further your professional goals while developing long-lasting business relationships.

The lesson will provide you concrete tools to take into your current or future working lives, achieved through a selection of individual and group activities to get you stepping outside the limits of how you normally learn and interact with fellow participants.


0 – 5 minutes:  warm up, introductions to participants, review of the course objectives.


5 – 15 minutes:  Introduction to the topic “Professional Communication in a Multicultural World”.  Have you ever worked abroad?  Ever interacted in a professional context with people from other cultures?  Share your stories with fellow participants.  We will look at a short 360 degree video about the future of work.


15 – 45 minutes:  We will be walking through 10 tips to avoid getting into difficult situations when working with people from other cultures and countries.  This will involve a group task where we will categorise each of the 10 tips into a list of importance and prepare and connect those aspects to different cultures around the world to best prepare us for the future world of work.   


Demonstratives & Media

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360 degree video about the future of work: