Improv Acting Camp (4 of 5)

Lesson Title: Improv Acting Camp (4 of 5)
Academic Standards: CONTENT STANDARD 2: Acting by developing, communicating, and sustaining characters in improvisations and informal or formal productions.
Content Creator: Mr. Michael Dzbenski
Level: High School
Duration: 25-35 min
  /  Improv Acting Camp (4 of 5)


  • Students will dive into details in order to guide scenes and stories.
  • Students will apply their understanding of showing in improv by participating in theater games and reflecting on their experience.


This lesson will allow students to unpack details in order to create scenes. This will help students build characters and deal with obstacles.


  1. Review Class Objectives
  2. Physical Warm-Up
  3. Word Ball Game (Activity)
    1. Details on a word
    2. Attributes
    3. Adjectives
  4. Fueled Responses (Activity)
    1. Each person come up with a response to a line/sentence
    2. Respond to a greeting
  5. Accepting Offers
    1. Why we always accept
    2. Yes, and (Activity)
  6. Asking the right questions
    1. Open-ended questions
    2. Specific questions that elicit response
    3. Question Game (Activity)
  7. Final Activity - Scenes from a Hat
    1. Let's see what we learned today!
  8. Debrief

Demonstratives & Media

Classroom Space
Curation Museum
Virtual Field Trips & Lab Demonstrations
Instructional Videos
3D objects

Suggested Ancillary Support

  • Word Ball - Keep it simple (Cat, Teddy Bear, etc.)
  • Prep Sentences -
    • Why did you steal my puppy?
    • Stop crying this instant!
    • Can I borrow your red shirt tonight?
  • Yes, Let's Game (Expanded) - Accept the addition and run with it.
    • Would you like to cut my hair?
    • Yes! I have a hairdressing salon at my house. Let's do it there!
  • Open Question - Who are you?
  • Specific Question - Hey! Aren't you that guy who is always begging on Mulbery Street?
  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Dangerous things to do while driving
    • If entertainers worked funerals
    • World's dumbest criminals being caught in the act
    • Prizes you'd like to find in your cereal box
    • Bad Valentine's Day gifts
    • Rejected poses for the Statue of Liberty
    • Unsuccessful restaurant themes
    • Odd things a talking doll would say
    • Things you don't want to hear a pilot say
    • Why the dinosaurs REALLY went extinct
    • Doctors you wouldn't want to operate on you
    • Things you would not expect to hear when you put a seashell up to your ear
    • Unusual things for a neighbor to ask to borrow


Scenes from a hat: