Immersive Storytelling: Final Showcase

Lesson Title: Immersive Storytelling: Final Showcase
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Dr. Zachary Stier
Level: High School
Duration: 45-55 min
  /  Immersive Storytelling: Final Showcase


  • Re-examine the critical thinking skills demonstrated throughout the course.
  • Demonstrate Immersive Storytelling in VR by presentation an original story.


Through the use of the 3D pen, a review of key critical thinking skills for immersive storytelling in VR will be discussed. Students will present an original story they developed through the use of 3D objects to demonstrate and apply the skills learned throughout the course.


  1. Recap the critical thinking skills for immersive VR storytelling. 
  2. Students will present their story to the class. 
  3.  A final word on the future of VR storytelling will conclude the class.

Demonstratives & Media

Classroom Space
Campus Quad
Virtual Field Trips & Lab Demonstrations
Instructional Videos

Suggested Ancillary Support