Immersive Storytelling

Lesson Title: Immersive Storytelling: Dénouement (Resolution) & Climax
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Dr. Zachary Stier
Level: High School
Duration: 45-55 min
  /  Immersive Storytelling: Dénouement (Resolution) & Climax


  • Reexamine the critical thinking skills of setting and plot and connect those skills to the climax and resolution.
  • Brainstorm ideas for resolution for the final story project.
  • Experience resolution of a story through immersive field trip experiences. 
  • Prepare for final presentation of story by selecting final iFix characters and sounds.


Students will experience a virtual fieldtrip to the Siberian desert and participate in retelling the story of the Three Brothers from Harry Potter. Students will use their 3D pen to contribute to the story of the Three Brothers. Through this experience, students will learn how to apply critical thinking skills to understand both the climax and resolution of a story. Students will spend time working on their story by practicing with IFX characters and sounds.


  1. Recap of lessons one and two. 
  2. Go on a virtual field trip to the Siberian Desert.
  3. Work together to retell the story of the Three Brothers from Harry Potter by using the 3D pen.
  4. Discuss the critical thinking skills of both climax and resolution. 
  5. Finalize the development of student story with IFXs to prepare for final presentation.

Demonstratives & Media

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