Haikuing American Poetry

Lesson Title: Haikuing American Poetry (2 of 5): Imagery
Academic Standards: ELA.8.R.1.4
Content Creator: Mr. Scott Sandoval
Level: Middle School
Duration: 25-35 min
  /  Haikuing American Poetry (2 of 5): Imagery


  • Students will compose a Haiku from virtual reality visuals and sounds.


Students will begin the lesson by reviewing the form of a Haiku. In this lesson, students will learn what makes a Haiku and how they can go about creating one based on visuals and sounds. Students will end the lesson by creating a scene based on a famous Haiku.


  1. Begin with Ice Breaker - Name, Location, and Favorite color
  2. Review the form of a Haiku from yesterday's class
  3. Share the Haiku the class put together and discuss the syllables of each line
  4. Students walk around the level. I have created 3 scenes in the level that students can choose. They include a wolf chasing a stag, a fox under falling leaves, two birds perched on a tree branch. Each scene includes sounds.
  5. Students will float between the scenes and write sticky notes about what they see and hear. This includes the size of the animals, the color of the animals, and the environmental sounds.
  6. Students will choose an animal and write a Haiku based on the descriptors
  7. The class will end with students creating a scene from the following poem:
In the twilight rain these brilliant-hued hibiscus - A lovely sunset.

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