Haikuing American Poetry (4 of 5): Frost

Lesson Title: Haikuing American Poetry (4 of 5): Frost
Academic Standards: ELA.8.C.5.2
Content Creator: Mr. Scott Sandoval
Level: Middle School
Duration: 25-35 min
  /  Haikuing American Poetry (4 of 5): Frost


  • Students will analyze the connections between Frost's poem and the setting.
  • Students will synthesize a Haiku based on Frost's poem.


Students will learn more about imagery, specifically auditory imagery. Students will end the lesson by Haikuing Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”.


  1. Students will begin the lesson by reviewing Edgar Allen Poe's video from yesterday.
  2.  Students will discuss the sounds from the piece and how it connects to the mood.
  3. Students will read Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. They will compare the imagery found in the poem to the setting where we are reading the poem.
  4. Students will go into the IFX library and choose a sound they think should be in the setting. They will justify their choice. We will discuss the other auditory imagery in the poem.
  5. We will do a review of the Haiku.
  6.  Students will be paired up. They will turn on their location-specific chat. They will go to another area of the map where they will Haiku the poem. Students should keep in mind the visual and auditory imagery.
  7. Students will be brought back together to discuss their haiku.

Demonstratives & Media

Classroom Space
Dinosaur Park
Virtual Field Trips & Lab Demonstrations
Instructional Videos
3D objects

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