Haikuing American Poetry

Lesson Title: Haikuing American Poetry (1 of 5): Form
Academic Standards: ELA.8.R.1.4
Content Creator: Mr. Scott Sandoval
Level: Middle School
Duration: 25-35 min
  /  Haikuing American Poetry (1 of 5): Form


  • Students will demonstrate the basic understanding of the Haiku form.


In this lesson, students will learn what makes a Haiku and how they can go about creating one based on different details.


  1. Begin with Ice Breaker - Name, Location, and Favorite Animal
  2. Use the following Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnXY5-DJdd0. During the video, have students use the 3D pen to underline the syllables of each word.

  3. Read the below Haiku together and discuss the syllables of each line.

    An old silent pond... (5)

    A frog jumps into the pond, (7)

    splash! Silence again. (5)

    - Matsuo Bashō

  4. Pose the following questions to the group: What is the animal in the poem? What action is the animal taking? What types of adjectives are present? Do you hear any sounds (onomatopoeia) when we read the poem?
  5. Load a seastar into the room. Have students write sticky notes identifying the size, color, and texture. As a group, write a Haiku based on the sticky notes.
  6. Spawn fruits around the room (fruits included in lesson plan). Students will pull up the note feature and write everything about the fruits (color, size, and texture).
  7. Students will pick a fruit and write a Haiku using the different details from their peers.
  8. If time allows, students can try and find their favorite animal in the IFX Objects and write a Haiku about their animal.

Demonstratives & Media

Classroom Space
Literary Salon
Virtual Field Trips & Lab Demonstrations
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