Intro to German

Lesson Title: German 02 – Naming
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Alberto Garcia
Level: Middle School
Duration: 35-45 min
  /  German 02 – Naming


  • Review the conjugation of the verb "to be" (sein).
  • Practice the Nominative case of definite articles with their proper gender. (der, die, das, die).
  • Learn primary and secondary color names in German.
  • Learn to ask "what/who is that?" and answer properly.
  • Learn numbers from 0 to 100.
  • Tell someone's age and name; tell object name and color.


We’ll continue where we left off by practicing the verb “to be”; next we learn more food vocabulary and the names of basic colors. We continue to practice the gender of these new vocabulary words. Finally we practice numbers (from 0 to 100) and incorporate that syntax structure to a final exercise of this lesson which has students reading phrases involving numbers.


  1. Practice verb "To Be".
  2. Learn new food vocabulary with proper articles (der, die, das, die).
  3. Names of basic colors.
  4. Naming objects with color.
  5. Asking one another "who/what is that?"
  6. Learn numbers 0-100
  7. Asking one another "who is that?" and responding with name and age.

Suggested Ancillary Support 0-100 numbers video (quick recap)