Intro to German

Lesson Title: German 01 – Greetings
Academic Standards:
Content Creator: Alberto Garcia
Level: Middle School
Duration: 35-45 min
  /  German 01 – Greetings


  • Learn to greet classmates and introduce oneself and another person.
  • Learn to read and pronounce the German alphabet and its special characters.
  • Recognize and say the different times of the day.
  • Learn the basics of definite and indefinite articles with their proper gender.
  • Learn to ask "what/who is that?" and answer properly.
  • Experience a virtual field trip to Neuschwanstein Castle.


Connectivity is essential for an international society and the German language opens doors to a marvelous world of art, technology, history and a future full of possibilities. Germany, Switzerland and Austria are the main countries to use German (hochdeutsch) as their mother tongue and to address people in that language we must first learn the basics: how to introduce oneself, learn the alphabet and its pronunciation, greet people at the different times of the day and ask for objects and people using the correct syntax.

English has its roots in the Germanic culture and even with many similarities, there are many differences in grammar which we’ll learn in this Intro to German course at the forest in Bavaria (Bayern)!


  1. Greet classmates and introduce oneself using the "I am ___" or "My name is ___" introduction.
  2. Recognize the European countries and those which use German as their main language.
  3. Learn the names of Germany, Austria and Switzerland in German language.
  4. Introduce oneself and a friend/classmate ("That is ___ and I am ____").
  5. Learn to mention place of origin ("I come from ____").
  6. Learn the German alphabet and use 3D pen to practice special characters.
  7. Watch video to listen a female German speaker spell out the alphabet and word examples.
  8. Learn the times of the day.
  9. Take a virtual field trip to Neuschwanstein.
  10. (if time is available) Start learning the definite and indefinite articles: der, die, das and ask "who/what is that?".

Demonstratives & Media

Classroom Space
Campus Quad
Virtual Field Trips & Lab Demonstrations
Instructional Videos

Suggested Ancillary Support Alphabet Video 360 Video Neuschwanstein   JPG files as grammar support


Talk about diphthongs during alphabet exercise
mention capitalization of nouns at times of the day